Honda Lane Assist

What Is Honda Lane Assist?

Side swipe accidents are common, as people sometimes have an inaccurate idea of where they are at in relation to their own lane. They might be in a hurry and quickly try to hop over into another lane, only to discover that a vehicle occupied their blind spot and now it's the scene of an accident. Honda realized what a great safety issue this type of driving situation is and developed something called Honda Lane Assist - LAKS - a system devoted to helping people maintain the proper position in their own lane. If someone veers out of that lane or begins to get out of their own lane, they're alerted so that they can correct their position in their lane. Safety systems like this prevent thousands or maybe even millions of accidents per year, although it's impossible to know just how many times a Lane Assist system keeps people from getting into accidents. After all, the accidents, thankfully, never happen.

Can You Disengage Honda Lane Assist?

Despite the good that these systems do, sometimes people will want to disengage Honda Lane Assist's system. The reasons for this are plentiful, but most of all, it's likely that people who are going to be keeping close attention to their lanes for a foreseeable number of miles won't want to have the alerts that tell them they're getting out of their lane. In a relatively empty stretch of highway, it makes sense for someone to want to disengage the system. Someone wanting to do this has an easy road ahead.

To Disengage the System

  1. Turn on the vehicle
  2. Press the MAIN button
  3. If the lane assist feature is on, you'll see outlines of lanes lit up
  4. Press the LKAS Button to disengage Honda Lane Assist

And once you do this, you're all set! Your lane assist system will be deactivated, and the system will no longer alert you when you get outside of your lanes and might be near to another vehicle. If you want to reactivate the system, you can do so at any time. The MAIN button on the steering wheel is always your introductory setting for your Lane Assist feature. You can engage or disengage the system right from your Honda steering wheel at any time. Not every model of Honda will feature Lane Assist, so if you want this feature, make sure to discuss with our dealership which models feature Lane Assist standard or as optional features.

Learn More

Lane Assist features have helped numerous drivers in recent years, and the lane keeping accuracy just keeps getting better all the time. Only certain models of Honda will have a Lane Assist feature as a standard feature, many more will feature it as an optional feature, and still some Honda models, especially older models, don't have the feature at all. To find out which Honda models feature Lane Assist, just give our dealership a call today to ask, write to us to inquire, or simply stop by the dealership and ask us which vehicles on our lot feature Honda Lane Assist. We'll be happy to help you.

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