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It's not uncommon for vehicles to be recalled by their manufacturers for potential safety risks, and it's important that you act quickly if you find out that your own vehicle is the subject of a recall. Most of the time, you will receive a notice from the manufacturers themselves informing you of the recall and providing instructions on what you should do next. If you haven't received such a notice and are worried that there is a recall for your Honda vehicle, simply fill out the form below, and we can get in touch with you about what we find out.

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Airbag recall parts must be ordered by VIN.
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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

Repairs and Recalls

If it turns out that there is a recall on your vehicle, don't panic. It does mean that there is a potential safety issue that needs to be fixed, but fixing it is usually a simple matter. If you've received instructions from your vehicle's manufacturer about how to fix the issue or how to remain safe until you can get it fixed, follow them very closely. Next, contact our service center to make an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. We specialize in repairing Honda vehicles, and we will work quickly to have your own vehicle back on the road in no time.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

Diagnostics and Repairs

The good news is that you should never have to pay for any repairs that are made to a vehicle due to a recall. The manufacturer is obligated to cover the costs of any repairs or replacement parts, so you will be reimbursed for anything you pay for up front. Keep in mind that this only covers repairs that fall under the scope of the recall; you will still need to pay for any additional repairs on your vehicle.


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