Honda Electric Vehicles 

Honda Electric Vehicles For Sale in Fort Worth

Electrified Honda brings new excitement fun to driving with instant torque and acceleration delivered by an electric motor. You'll go by a gas station with a smile on your face as you contribute to a smaller carbon footprint and help the environment.

Which Honda Models are available in electric?

Honda provides an extensive lineup of electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The lineup includes Accord Hybrid, Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Insight Hybrid, and the innovative Clarity Fuel Cell. If you desire to drive greener and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint, Honda has an innovative vehicle for you.

What are the differences between electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles?

Electric Honda vehicles are powered entirely by electrical power. Depending on the model, power is delivered by charging stations or plugged into house power outlets. The cutting-edge Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle (only available in California) is powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Hybrid vehicles utilize a 4.0 cylinder engine in conjunction with an electric motor. Electrical power is stored in an efficient and powerful lithium-ion battery pack. Batteries are charged either by the generator or kinetic energy created from a regenerative braking process.

An efficient gas engine powers plug-in Hybrid vehicles with electric motor support. The more powerful batteries can be charged either by home power outlets are commercial charging stations.

What is the driving distance of Honda electric vehicles?

The driving range is dependent on the Honda electric model. The Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle has an estimated range of 360 miles, and the Accord Hybrid an estimated 640-mile range.

What is the charging time for a Honda electric vehicle?

Charging times vary depending upon the electrical technology. Recharging plug-in hybrid Honda vehicles on an optional 240-volt charger requires 2-5 hours. Fuel Cell refilling requires 3-5 minutes.

Do Honda vehicles that are electrically powered have towing ability?

The Honda CR-V Hybrid, with the proper towing equipment, can tow up to 1500 pounds.

How can you get more information about Honda electric vehicles?

Visit your local Honda dealership to learn all about Fuel Cell, plug-in, and hybrid Honda vehicles. The dealer will answer all your questions or even arrange a test drive of your favorite electric Honda vehicle.

Visit your local Honda dealer today and discover the exciting world of Honda electric vehicles!