Upcoming Honda Electric Vehicles  

One of the most famous vehicles upcoming for Honda's electric options is the Honda Prologue. There are others that are also available, though, including the Insight and the Accord Hybrid.

An Electric Future

The Honda Prologue is still a little bit away from here and now, but it's rumored to be designed to come out in 2024. This will be one of Honda's first fully electric SUV options. It's going to be called Prologue potentially because this will be the first of many electric vehicles that Honda is aiming to produce. This vehicle is going to run on the Ultium batteries from GM. The models it does have right now for electric include the Honda Insight, the Accord Hybrid, and the CR V Hybrid. The Insight gets 55 MPG in the city. Its horsepower is at 151.

In terms of specifics for the Prologue, not everything is known yet. Honda has the goal of being emissions-free in its offerings by 2040, and the Prologue will be a big part of that. It's still highly speculative, but it will certainly be surprising if the Prologue has anything less than a 300-mile range, considering it's shaping up to be Honda's flagship in this area.

While the Prologue is under development, Honda is still going to create hybrid electric systems in conjunction with ICE models. The idea is to get consumers used to the idea of electric vehicles with the eventual goal of switching over to all-electric vehicles entirely. That way, Honda can offer vehicles that don't produce any carbon emissions at all. The rumor is that the electric engines will put out as much as 340 horsepower together with one in the front and one in the back. Still, nothing is uncertain until the release of this vehicle occurs closer to 2024.

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