Honda and Sony Announce Plan to Start New EV Brand Together  

Honda and Sony recently announced that they are going to make a combined company for the purpose of manufacturing and selling Evs. The intention is for them to create a new brand this year. The first vehicle they put out is intended to come out in 2025.

New Combined EV

The idea is for Honda to use their manufacturing facilities while Sony will lend some architecture and expertise in tech. The details of this partnership are still being worked out; they did say that they are committed to making this plan work. They will be commercializing and getting the vehicle out there for sale by 2025 as the goal anyway, There aren't any potential names coming out officially yet, but there are certainly a lot of runners.

Sony's job will also be to provide mobility services. Just last year, Honda committed to selling battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles with 2040 as a deadline. They will slowly increase the kinds of vehicles they have from this set over the next two decades. Over that time, Honda is planning to decrease how many combustion vehicles they sell over that time until they eventually eliminate this sort of vehicle.

Before the partnership with Sony, honda is also going to be creating electric vehicle options with a partnership with GM. These start with the Honda prologue, and there will also be a partnership with Acura as well.

Sony is going to be putting out vehicles of this variety before the partnership as well. This will include the Vision-S 02 prototype. So, in other words, there's a lot of interest in electric vehicles from Sony, Honda, and other car manufacturers as well. There is a sense of urgency in these automakers to transition to new means of energy production while phasing out the options from the past.

This appears to be both for practical reasons and also to be seen as an auto brand that is embracing the future before the other brands can get there first.

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