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Alliance for Children Basics

Child advocates play an important role in intervening in child abuse cases. They step into difficult situations and ease the burden of children and the people who care for them. This non-profit organization is a team of highly trained family advocates who aim to make a difference in these children's lives. As the case moves forward, children and loving family members alike can intervene to ensure that the child comes out as strong and safe as possible.

What Does Alliance for Children Do?

The particulars of a child abuse case are emotional, complex, and long-lasting. Children who are old enough to remember their experiences will benefit, especially from Alliance for Children's services, although safety for any child is paramount to any case. When child abuse is finally in the hands of law enforcement and the courts, Alliance for Children steps in to provide:

  • Emergency needs
  • Financial assistance
  • Case management
  • Court prep
  • Resources
Sharing Love  

They also have many vital programs for families who are going through this experience with the child. For example, they sponsor "Backpack to School Connection," "Camp B.L.U.E.," and "Next Steps" programs. Each of these programs gets children the support and financing assistance they need to navigate the emotional and practical natures of the times they're living through. People who work with this organization quickly learn that they help families in every way possible, whether it's lending a compassionate ear or going to bat for you in a courtroom case. Children are the people who benefit the most, though.

The organization also hosts special events to gain money for their cause and give families that depend on the special events to look forward to. Everyone's opportunity to get together and enjoy life, rather than endure it, is always essential for a non-profit. For example, they have things like Sporting Clay tournaments and Bingo get-togethers for families to come together and provide support while having some fun, too. They have other special events throughout the year for people in the Fort Worth area. Everyone is always welcome to come out and have fun.

More Information

If you'd like to explore the good works of Alliance for Children, or find out how you can help, too, visit them on their website.