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Are you in the market to lease a new Honda Accord? If you are, we invite you to browse through our inventory below. In addition, a lease offers many benefits as opposed to buying an automobile. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a lease, read further!

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Honda Accord?

Do you want to drive the newest models on the market? If so, a lease may be the perfect fit for your needs. In most cases, a lease contract will last an average of three years. When the lease is up, you simply return the vehicle, and you can renew the lease or choose to lease a newer model. Auto manufacturers stay competitive by updating vehicles every year or so, and when you lease, you always have access to the latest innovations in the automotive industry.

Leasing is More Affordable

Another advantage a lease has to offer is it is usually much more affordable than buying a vehicle. This is because when you purchase a car, you will most likely need to obtain automobile financing, and you will probably be required to pay a significant downpayment. With a lease, the down payment is typically very little or nothing at all, and a lease won’t affect your credit score because you won’t need to obtain a car loan. In addition, monthly payments are usually lower when you lease.

You should also take note that an automobile is a depreciating asset. It will lose value over time, and many times, car owners will find their vehicle is worth much less than the original price when they decide to trade it for a newer model. With a lease, you are only paying for the depreciation of the car, so you don’t have to worry about a long-term investment.

You’re Usually Protected in the Event of Required Maintenance

In addition, a lease contract usually includes a manufacturer warranty that provides coverage for most repairs and routine maintenance services. This eliminates some of the stress that is accompanied with owning a vehicle because you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs.

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