When to Change My Honda's Battery

Have questions about car battery maintenance? Watch this video and see our page for further details.

Car batteries are often neglected until one day, at the worst time, they die and leave you stranded. This is why it's important to get regular Honda battery maintenance.

Along with keeping an eye on your battery capacity, so you can get a replacement BEFORE getting stranded, regular service will actually help extend the life of your car's battery. Our team can inspect the battery, test its power, and clean the terminals and surface to remove harmful corrosion and debris. If the battery is at the end of its lifespan, we can perform a car battery replacement for a nominal fee. Schedule an appointment online today if you'd like to have your battery checked out or feel free to mention it the next time you stop by for another service.

Is My Car Battery Dead?

There are a few ways to tell if your car battery is dead or dying. If you encounter any of these signs, visit us to find new Honda car batteries for sale near Dallas-Fort Worth.

  • My engine is turning over slower than usual
  • My headlights have been looking dim
  • My battery is starting to look bloated
  • My headlights, interior lights and engine aren't turning on
  • Battery Service in Fort Worth
  • My engine cranks but the car won't start
  • My battery warning light was on before the car died

Are Used Car Batteries Worth It?

When it comes to used car and truck batteries, the cost may be low but remember the old saying, You get what you pay for. Used battery testing is occasionally inaccurate and there really is no telling if the battery will last a year, a few months or even only a few weeks. Not to mention that you'll never know if the battery was abused or in bad condition before it was cleaned up to be sold for a second, or perhaps, third time.

Car battery prices are low compared to many other parts and vehicle services, so we recommend avoiding used car batteries. Plus, in addition to the assurance that a Honda battery offers in terms of longevity, you'll also have added confidence thanks to the warranty coverage included with all new Honda parts.

Honda Car Battery Replacement Near Me

Whether you're looking for a CR-V, Ridgeline, Civic or Honda Accord battery, we offer the parts you need and can install them in a flash. We also have great car and truck battery prices that are often comparable with what you'll find at Walmart, Midas or Autozone. So the next time you need a car battery replacement in Dallas, come to us for excellent service and prices!


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