2020 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid  

Electric vehicles like the Honda Clarity represent a crossroads in automotive technology. They replace part or all of the traditional internal combustion engines with clean electrical power provided by the battery. As this battery is depleted, it must be filled back up through plug-in charging. As with any other electric appliance, many owners find themselves worrying about their safety and their vehicles if they attempt this charging in the rain. After all, everybody knows electricity and water don't interact kindly with each other. Nevertheless, we will explain the important safety precautions to take when charging your Honda Clarity, as well as answer the question, "Can I charge my Clarity in the rain?"

As previously stated, electricity and water do not mix. Water being the great conductor that it is, it would seem quite logical to assume that electric vehicles of any sort should not be charged in the rain. That is simply not the case.

The engineers who design electric vehicles, including their charging systems, understand the importance of usability and functionality. Just as it would be impractical if gasoline-powered cars could not refuel in the rain, plug-in hybrids like the Honda Clarity must be able to perform all essential driving tasks in the rain, and charging is no exception. Because of this, a great deal of care is put into the design of the car's charging port, and of the charging cable itself, allowing them to function seamlessly regardless of the weather forecast.

Weatherproofing helps insulate the connection, preventing the ingress of rainwater, mud, dirt, or other contaminants. The standards set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, are stringent. The charging connectors must undergo rigorous testing under adverse conditions, including high-pressure water application, ensuring that by the time you use the charger, it is safe for both you and the vehicle.

So now you know: you can rest easy charging your Honda Clarity in the rain. But we know you may still have questions. New electric vehicle ownership inherently comes with a whole host of questions you'll want answers to. Trust the team at Honda of Fort Worth with any of your questions, and feel free to contact or visit us with any other questions or concerns.