Honda Announces New Passenger Front Airbag Design to Reduce Traffic Injuries and Fatalities

Honda, in its commitment to safety for everyone, has announced new airbag technology designed to reduce significant injuries and fatalities caused in car accidents. The auto manufacturer is taking its “Safety For Everyone” premise to the next level!

What is the new technology?

The new airbags by Honda are part of a system that has four main components. First, there are three inflated compartments associated with the new airbags. Then, there is a central chamber that holds everything together. The two chambers facing outward complete the centerpiece so there is protection across the dashboard.

Honda’s new airbag system also has a “sail panel.” This technology is unique primarily because of its ability to stabilize the passenger. The sail panel catches the victim’s head before decelerating the impact. In the end, the passenger is pulled into a cradle position that decreases the likelihood of significant whiplash after the crash.

Honda leads the way with its sail panel technology. Many manufacturers provide airbags with supporting measures such as curtain and neck pillows to prevent significant injury. Few automakers directly address the issue of support with technology that takes hold of the passenger’s head to decelerate impact. Honda is one of the few to take safety to the next level in this regard.

Other safety measures

In addition to a new airbag design, Honda plans to enhance its Honda Sensing technology so that owners can drive with full confidence. The manufacturer also hopes to extend Honda Sensing so that the technology comes standard on all of its cars and SUVs by 2022. Honda Sensing is presently available for all vehicles and a standard feature on some.

There is much to love about Honda. Stopping by your local dealer today to test drive a new Honda car or SUV is the best way to fully benefit from the automaker’s advances in safety.