Summer Maintenance Tips  

The summer season is the most popular time of the year to spend time in your car traveling and exploring new locations. Although it's the safest time of the year to travel because of the weather conditions, it's still important to get maintenance performed on your car to ensure it operates well without breaking down or requiring repairs. Our dealership in Fort Worth is here to provide the maintenance you need to get it in excellent shape for your upcoming trips.

Inspect the Tires

Your tires need to be properly inflated to improve your gas mileage and have proper traction on different types of surfaces. Check the owner's manual to determine what the manufacturer recommends regarding the tire pressure level for your make and model. A mechanic can also inspect the tread to get an idea of how much longer the tires will last before they're bald. It's also necessary to rotate the tires to ensure they develop even tread and don't suffer from premature wear and tear.

Look at the Engine Oil

Check the oil in your engine to determine if it's low or if it needs to be replaced. New oil will help your engine have better performance and will allow it to flow better in high temperatures. New oil will allow all the parts to stay lubricated and will prevent early wear and tear from developing. This is also a great time to replace the oil filter, which can become clogged and dirty.

Check Out the Battery

The car battery lasts an average of three to four years and can die a lot quicker in the summer because of the present heat. Test the battery in advance to determine if it will last much longer or if it needs a replacement.

Add More Fluid

You need to give attention to a few fluids, which include the coolant to ensure the engine stays cool and doesn't overheat. The transmission fluid should also be replaced or topped off, as well as the steering fluid. Adding more wiper fluid will also ensure you can easily clean the windshield on road trips to help remove bugs and dirt that accumulate. This can allow you to stay safe by having better visibility.

Our service team is here to help when you need summer maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team of mechanics.