What Do Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Mean?  

For the most part, Honda's Maintenance Minder System is intended to tell you when your oil is reaching the end of its service life. More specifically, it will tell you when your oil life is at 15%, 5%, or 0%. When your Maintenance Minder tells you that your oil life is at 15%, you're almost due for an oil change. You have some time to schedule one, but you shouldn't wait for long. When it is at 5%, you're due for an oil change and shouldn't wait any longer. When it is at 0%, you're well overdue for an oil change and should get to your Honda service center for an oil change right away. The yellow wrench icon on your dashboard will also light up when your oil life reaches 15%.

You might also notice other codes on your Maintenance Minder. When you see an "A" on your dashboard, your car is in need of an oil change. When you see a "B," you need to change your oil and replace your fuel filter. You might also need to inspect some of the other systems and parts in your vehicle.

Maintenance Sub Items

In addition to telling you when to change your oil, the Maintenance Minder System will also alert you when your vehicle needs other maintenance tasks with the following numbered codes:

  1. You need to rotate and inspect your tires to make sure they're properly inflated and in good condition.
  2. Replace your air cleaner element and dust filter, and inspect your drive belt.
  3. Change your transmission fluid.
  4. Replace your spark plugs and timing belt. Inspect your water pump and valve clearance.
  5. Replace the engine coolant.
  6. Replace your rear differential fluid if applicable.

If you notice any of these alerts on your dashboard or you suspect that your Honda vehicle requires any other maintenance, don't hesitate to contact Honda of Fort Worth to schedule a service appointment.