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5 New Car Buying Myths

2019 Honda Passport Adventure Awaits

Shopping for a new car can be one of the greatest pleasures, but if you fall for too many new car buying myths, it's easy to look at it wrong. It's these myths that cause people to shop for new cars in a way that is detrimental to their wallet. We're here to fill you in on some of today's most prevalent new car buying myths so that you don't fall into these traps and find yourself purchasing a vehicle from the wrong dealership or with the wrong financing method. Knowing how to buy a…

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Why is Honda Renewing its Passport Model for 2019?

Honda Bringing Back the Passport

Say Goodbye To The Old Passport

Newer drivers might not remember the old Honda Passport. It was an important model in the company's history, being the first SUV that Honda made. It was in production from 1994 through 2002. Seating 5 people, the Passport made a big impression with Honda fans, but it couldn't make it through the 2002 season and very quickly disappeared from memory. 

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